RS:X European Open Championship title for Bryony Shaw


RSXW Euros D3 fleet

Photo © Salvatore Lopez




RS:X European Open Championship in Sicily



Bryony Shaw (GBR) won gold at the RS:X European Championships which drew to a close on Saturday in Sicily, Italy. The world number one ranked-Shaw won the final Medal Race to seal European victory. Second was Malgorzata Bialecka and third Zofia Noceti-Klepacka, both of Poland.

“I am really happy, it is something that has always eluded me, I have finished second a number of times and now all the hard physical and technical work has really paid off.”

This result should confirm Shaw’s place in the British Sailing team for the Rio test event in August.

Winner of the men’s Open European title was Pawel Tarnowski of Poland with Dorian van Rijsselberge second of Holland second and Louis Giard of France third.


RS:X Women – European Open Championship top 6

1 GBR-94 Bryony Shaw 34 pts
2 POL-21 Malgorzata Bialecka 41 pts
3 POL-8 Zofia Noceti-Klepacka 42 pts
4 POL-7 Maja Dziarnowska 47 pts
5 FRA-4 Charline Picon 50 pts
6 RUS-271 Stefania Elfutina 50 pts


RS:X Men – European Open Championship top 6

1 POL-182 Pawel Tarnowski 33 pts
2 NED-8 Dorian van Rijsselberge 41 pts
3 FRA-1 Louis Giard 43 pts
4 FRA-6 Julien Bontemps 54 pts
5 KOR-141 Wonwoo Cho 58 pts
6 GRE-8 Byron Kokkalanis 59 pts


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