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Day 2 of the Waszp Europeans – It’s not normally like this!



When have you ever heard this before? “It’s not normally like this here”.

After day 1 not having a breath of wind, day 2 looked to be very promising. With the Northerly dying early and the temperature at 30 degrees, it was set to be an amazing day on the water. However the breeze never quite filled in to the required pressure for consistent foiling, hovering between 6 – 9 knots. It did however provide a different element to WASZP racing.

Since last year the standard has improved quite considerably and the French team burst out of the blocks with Manu Taine leading at the first mark. He was closely followed by fellow countryman Pierre Leboucher, whilst the local Italian sailors from the newly formed Italian WASZP Association, Tommy Ciaglia and Margherita Porro, showed fantastic light air polish to be entrenched in the top six.



As the breeze got softer and softer, it became a battle of whether or not to try and foil. Bruce Curson of New Zealand made the call early to not foil and it paid off, moving from high teens at the first mark to 4th place overall. Australian’s Tom Trotman and Andrew McDougall did a fantastic job of hanging in there as the breeze faded.

Then the ‘play of the day’ came when Nicolai Jacobsen rounded in 7th place for the final time and popped onto the foils. The Norwegian young gun fired down the run on the puff of the day to hit the lead from Tommy Ciaglia only to fall off the foils on the final gybe to let the young Italian through for the win followed by Manu Taine and Jacobsen who slipped to 3rd.

Top speed of the day on a slow day was by Alexander Hogheim-Dahl, who posted an impressive 16.1 knots in no more than 10 knots of windspeed.

In the evening the WASZP party was held in the town of Malcesine, with team GBR again impressing with their performances off the water.

Today looks to be a much better day with 2 races planned for the morning and 3 races in the afternoon. Hopefully Lake Garda returns to its very best.

by Jonny Fullerton on behalf of the WASZP class



Waszps grounded on day 1 of Europeans


No racing on Day 1 of the WASZP Europeans, but Paul Goodison turned up to give them all some tips for when the wind does arrive.

Over 60 WASZP’s have entered the event at Fraglia Vela Malcesine on Lake Garda in Italy, taking place from 28 June – 1 July.

WASZP European Championships ready to take flight



From June 28th – July 1st  the largest ever fleet of WASZP’s will assemble at Lake Garda in Italy. The European Championships held at Fraglia Vela Malcesine has been met with a high level of excitement and anticipation by competitors and supporters.

Over 60 WASZP’s have entered the event with anticipation high for the most competitive WASZP event held so far. With lots of interest in the Perth 2019 WASZP Games and many teams taking advantage of the sensational conditions on Lake Garda, the standard will most certainly be high.

Two days out from the event over 50 boats are in the rigging area training and tuning their WASZP’s, taking advantage of class creator Andrew McDougall’s experience as well as chatting with other sailors about technique and tuning.


The training camp has commenced with 32 sailors enjoying the advice of coaches from Australia and Norway with a genuine willingness to share information and help others, a feature of the WASZP class which is now becoming engrained in the class culture.

The age demographic is well spread with a group of kids aged 13 – 17 years, a bunch of sailors coming back into the sport aged 23 – 35 years, and a group of masters loving the foiling challenge and the battles within the fleet. This has all created the perfect cocktail of atmosphere amongst the fleet.



This year’s programme will consist of Championship Racing (up to 3 races per day) and a Slalom event that will be run around the Championship Racing. This will provide the perfect spectacle for the class, racing right in front of Fraglia Malcesine and a large spectator contingent. The colour the WASZP provides is a fantastic contrast against the water and mountains around Lake Garda.

The European contingent will be led by French sailor Pierre Leboucher, a former 470 Olympian, whilst Marcal Costa racing for Spain, the brother of last year’s European Champion Joan Costa. Marcal has no doubt gained some vital information from his brother. The Norwegian fleet has improved significantly and has run a very slick campaign, the kids with another year of WASZP sailing under their belt will be looking to hit the top of the leaderboard. The UK is sporting the greatest number of competitors from a nation with 14 entries and has many young guns amongst them, as well as many families embracing a week of Italian lifestyle.

Joining the 10 European nations will be 3 Australian’s and 1 New Zealander, who have made the trip to Italy to begin their preparations for Perth 2019.

Tom Trotman heads up the Australian charge having placed 3rd at the Aussie Nationals and 4th at the Pacific Games. He has the runs on the board and is looking to improve. Jack Abbott having experienced last years WASZP Games at Campione, is back again fresh off a 5th placing at the Aussie Nationals. Both are keen to test themselves against Europe’s best and entice their European counterparts to compete in Perth’s home waters in 2019.

Lastly, Bruce Curson has made the trip from New Zealand fresh off winning the New Zealand Nationals and a 3rd place at the Pacific Championships, he is primed for a good result.




The Sub Divisions will be well contested, with 24 sailors racing in the Youth Division. (under 18 years). It will be extremely tight and no doubt the kids are looking for bragging rights over their mates by being the best youth foiler in Europe. Nicolai Jacobsen from Norway will be leading this charge with great performances in the recent WASZP Cup Norway events. 13 sailors including Andrew MacDougall (AMac), will be contesting the Master over 40 division and 6 females will be racing which is sensational for the class and shows how diverse and accessible the class is. The last division will be the 6.9m division which will be hotly contested by around 12 – 15 sailors showing the future of the WASZP class!

Racing begins on the 28th of June.


Stay tuned via the following links:





by Jonny Fullerton on behalf of the WASZP class



Easy To Fly at the Foiling Week Garda


For the first time since its launch, the Easy To Fly (ETF) Class will attend the Garda Foiling Week! The monotype foiling catamaran was created by French skipper Jean-Pierre Dick.

Designed by naval architect Guillaume Verdier, winning designer of the last America’s Cup, the ETF was conceived to fly with 8 knots of wind and with 3 crew members on board.  Launched at the end of 2016, ETF currently sails on European waters with, 4 boats in Switzerland, 2 in Germany, one in Denmark and one in France.

The ETF has a European Championship consisting of 5 qualifying races: the ETF Series 2018. The Garda Foiling Week will be the 4th stage and promises to be a hard battle for the podium amongst the participants, separated only by 7 points.

Jean-Pierre Dick says,

“I am very happy to attend the Garda Foiling Week. Lake Garda is a hot spot for foilers and a breathtaking sailing scenery.

I imagined a human-sized flying catamaran, in between a dinghy and an extreme, in order to provide non-professional teams with the adrenaline of flying.

This year we are rolling out the ETF Series, it is an important step towards the creation of a dynamic class and we are happy Garda Foiling Week is part of it.”


The ETF presents at the Garda Foiling Week 2018:

Luna (SUI) / Skipper : Guillaume Girod

Tixwave (SUI) / Skipper : Bernard Vananty

Cool Runnings (DEN) / Skipper : Thorlikd Junker

ABC Arbitrage – Ville de Nice / Skipper (FRA) : Jean-Pierre Dick


Rankings of the ETF Series after 3 qualifying races:

1 Luna (SUI): 7 points

2 ABC Aribitrage – Ville de Nice (FRA) : 7 points

3 Tixwave (SUI) : 8 points

4 Cool Runnings (DEN) : 9 points

5 Ste – Catherine (GER) : 14 points


ETF Series 2018 : 5 qualifying races in Europe

1 Grand Prix de Nice (FRA) : May 1st-6th

2 Grand Prix de Suisse (SUI): May 31st June 2nd

3 Bol d’Or Mirabaud (SUI) : June 9th

4 Garda Foiling Week (ITA) : June 28th July 1st

5 Martinique Flying Regatta (Fort de France) : November 17th – 24th




Concept : Jean-Pierre Dick

Architect : Guillaume Verdier


Jean-Pierre Dick

After 16 years sailing the world’s seas and taking part in 4 single-handed round the world races, Jean-Pierre Dick has clocked up 6 wins in the IMOCA class. He is the only record-holder for the number of wins in the Transat Jacques Vabre, 4, the most recent in 2017 with Yann Eliès. In November 2017, he decided to change his boat to fly on the Easy To Fly.


His main wins :

2 Barcelona World Races:

•2008 with Damien Foxall

•2011 with Loïck Peyron **

4 Transat Jacques Vabre races:

•2003 with Loïck Peyron

•2005 with Nicolas Abiven

•2011 with Jérémie Beyou

•2017 with Yann Eliès


Technical Specifications:

Hull length: 8,10 m / 26.6 ft

Beam: 4,30 m / 14.10 ‘

Mast height: 13.70 m / 44’

Draught: 1.20 m / 3.93’

Weight (with sails): 350 kg / 717 lbs

Main sail: 29,5 m²

Jib: 11 m²

Code 0: 26,5 m²

Gennaker: 49,5 m²

Max Speed: 35 knots


More info on Foiling Week, entries for the races and booking for activities at



WASZP European Championships – Ready to take flight

Lake Garda venue for the Europeans – c Martina Orsini



In the short history of the class, the biggest ever fleet of WASZP’s will assemble at Lake Garda, Italy, from June 28th to July 1st. The European Championships to be held at Fraglia Vela Malcesine has been met with a high level of excitement and anticipation by competitors and supporters.

Over 60 WASZP’s have entered with around 70 expected for the event, this is a sensational effort for a class only two years old. One of the key elements of the WASZP which has the class thriving, is the welcoming nature and large focus on enjoyment and participation. These events are not just for the sailors, they are for friends and families to come and enjoy a four day spectacle and everything the WASZP brand has to offer.

The manufacturer offers complete support on-site with all the knowledge needed to make these boats go fast. There is also a full range of spare parts available and support is always on hand to make sure that the sailors are able to get back on the water if they have an issue. The knowledge in the fleet has come a long way in the past 12 months and everyone now has a good knowledge base to ensure their boats are fully up to speed prior to the event. There is also a three Day Camp conducted by WASZP prior to the event, this was booked out over a month before the event showing how keen the competitors are to learn about the boats.


Fleet at the 2017 Waszp Games at Lake Garda  – c Martina Orsini


Another point of difference for the class has been the experimentation with different race formats. One format that is making the sailing world sit up and take notice is the slalom event. Set-up slightly differently to the windsurfing version of this concept, the WASZPs sail through gates down-wind (more akin to downhill ski slalom). This allows the boats to pick their own line and encourage passing lanes.

We are looking forward to streaming this event live on the WASZP Games Facebook page All highlights of the championship racing and off water lifestyle will also be available through this page.

There are a number of quality sailors in the event, with a number of ex- Olympic sailors jumping in the WASZP due to its level playing field (One-Design) and its affordability. There is also an international flavour with 2 Australians, Jack Abbott and Tom Trotman, being joined by Bruce Curson from New Zealand. Trotman placed 3rd at the Australian Nationals whilst Abbott was 5th, Curson won the New Zealand Nationals in windy conditions. It will be very interesting how the battle between the Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere unfolds, with the 2019 WASZP Games held in January in Perth, Australia will set the scene with what is expected to be over 100 WASZPs at that event.


Tom Trotman at the Australian Nationals – c Martina Orsini

The WASZP is building incredible momentum with 620 boats shipped worldwide only two years after production began making it the fastest growing high performance boat in the world.

We look forward to bringing this event to a global audience from the 28th June – 1st of July!


WASZP update from Marc Ablett