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Samba Pa Ti clinches the title



Melges 32 World Championships at New York Yacht Club, Newport RI, USA



The final day of competition at the 2012 Melges 32 World Championship, hosted by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC), had spectators on the edge of their seats for the last race of the ten race series. John Kilroy, Jr on Samba Pa Ti triumphed over the thirty-three strong fleet to claim the class’ most coveted trophy and title – that of Melges 32 World Champion.

“We’ve worked so hard for so long to accomplish this.” commented Kilroy during the awards ceremony. “We won in Key West, then felt as though we were a little off track. Officially, we are back where we need to be with this incredible win, a win I consider one of the most treasured I have ever won.”

Kilroy was joined onboard by tactician Paul Goodison and crew Federico Michetti, Harry Melges III, Luca Faravelli, Martino Tortarolo, Justin Smart and Marco Carpinello.

Proudly seated second overall is Alec Cutler on Hedgehog with tactician Richard Clarke and in third, is a deserving Steve Howe on Warpath with Morgan Larson on tactics.

Race number ten provided more surprises under overcast skies, light and shifty breezes out of the northeast. Keisuke Suzuki from Japan on Swing, with tactician Jesper Radich put the fleet on alert when he challenged and overtook John Taylor’s Ninkasi with Jeff Madrigali on tactics. Suzuki slowly but surely acquired a monster lead as the race progressed, then gained more momentum and extended furthermore earning over a two minute lead at the finish for the win. Edoardo Lupi’s Torpyone had a great race finishing second, while Alex Jackson on Leenabarca claimed third.


Overall Results: (top 10)

1 John Kilroy, Jr./Paul Goodison, Samba Pa Ti; [20]-8-1-12-1-1-1-2-8-5 = 39pts
2 Alec Culter/Richard Clarke, Hedgehog; 5-7-2-4-7-6-4-4-[11]-10 = 49pts
3 Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath; 2-15-4-7-8-3-8-3-12-[20] = 62pts
4 Benjamin Schwartz/Chris Rast, Pisces; 4-1-[19]-2-4-13-11-14-2 19 = 70pts
5 Pieter Taselaar/Nick Thompson, Bliksem; 7-16-6-11-5-11-7-1-9-[18] = 73pts
6 William Douglass/Chris Larson, Goombay Smash; 3-3-12-[29]-9-9-3-21-7-14 = 81pts
7 Vincenzo Onorato/Nathan Wilmot, Mascalzone Latino; 12-2-13-19-19-7-6-5-1-[22] = 84pts
8 Andrea Pozzi/Gabriele Benussi, Bombarda; 1-6-9-3-2-26-21-6-[30]-16 = 90pts
9 Edoardo Lupi/Branko Brcin, Torpyone; 8-4-3-6-[22]-22-22-19-6-2 = 92pts
10 Roberto Tomassini Grinover/Vasco Vascotto, Robertissima; 6-21-5-20-3-14-16-9-3-[24] = 97pts

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Report and photos supplied by Joy Dunigan, Melges Media

Samba Pa Ti edges into the lead


Melges 32 World Championship at New York Yacht Club, Newport RI, USA


Samba Pa Ti hits the front in another lead change – photo credit: Joy Dunigan

An additional three races were completed on Friday at the 2012 Melges 32 World Championship, hosted by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC). John Kilroy on Samba Pa Ti, with tactician Paul Goodison delivered a 1-2-8 punch to take the lead, five points ahead of Alec Cutler on Hedgehog with Richard Clarke on tactics in second. Steve Howe’s Warpath with tactician Morgan Larson is currently seated third.

Kilroy’s stance on day four of Worlds was focused and strong. He blasted off the line in race one and two (races 7 & 8 in the series of 10) extending on the first beat. In race one, Kilroy maintained a lead of more than a minute and a half at the finish line. In the second race of the day, he trailed game winner Pieter Taselaar on Bliksem by a few seconds. An eighth place finish in race 9 secured an overnight lead of the World Championship.

Race three proved to be challenging for every player, with the exception of Vincenzo Onorato’s Mascalzone Latino with Nathan Wilmot as tactician as he too was able to get out front in the shifty breeze and rain maintaining position for the win. Benjamin Schwartz’s Pisces came on strong to take second. Roberto Tomassini Grinover on Robertissima was third.


photo credit: c Joy Dunigan


Results after Day 4: (top 10, 9 races, 1 discard)

1 John Kilroy/Paul Goodison, Samba Pa Ti; [20]-8-1-12-1-1-1-2-8 = 34pts
2 Alec Cutler/Richard Clarke, Hedgehog; 5-[7]-2-4-7-6-4-4-11 = 39pts
3 Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath; 2-[15]-4-7-8-3-8-3-12 = 47pts
4 Benjamin Schwartz/Chris Rast, Pisces; 4-1-[19]-2-4-13-11-14-2 = 51pts
5 Pieter Taselaar/Nick Thompson, Bliksem; 7-[16]-6-11-5-11-7-1-9 = 57pts
6.Vincenzo Onorato/Nathan Wilmot, Mascalzone Latino; 12-2-13-[19]-19-7-6-5-1 = 65pts
7 William Douglass/Chris Larson, Goombay Smash; 3-3-12-[29]-9-9-3-21-7 = 67pts
8 Andre Pozzi/Gabriele Benussi, Bombarda; 1-6-9-3-2-26-21-6-[30] = 74pts
9 Roberto Tomasini Grinover/Vasco Vascotto, Robertissima; 6-[21]-5-20-3-14-16-9-3 = 76pts
10 Andy Lovell/Steve Benjamin, Rougarou; 14-5-16-13-6-4-[30]-15-16 = 89pts


photo credit: Max Ranchi


For full results and more photos visit:

By Melges Media

Pics of the week

Our favourite images from the last weeks regattas worldwide

Melges 32 crew of Goombay Smash in their alternative dayglo orange sailing gear by Joy Duncan

Art from the Platu 25 Worlds by Ainhoa Sanchez

Moody scene from Regates Royales-Trophee Panerai by James Robinson Taylor

More classics from the Regates Royales-Trophee Panerai by James Robinson Taylor

Lively opening days at Match Race France in Marseilles by Gilles Martin-Raget

Winning Russian team at the SB20 Europeans in Medemblik by Katie Ashworth

Italy’s Pizzi hits the front



Melges 32 World Championship at New York Yacht Club, Newport RI, USA


photo credit: Joy Dunigan


With two more days left to race, the pressure to do well is extremely intense as Bombarda’s Andrea Pozzi with tactician Gabriele Benussi sit atop the leaderboard ahead by two. In second overall, is John Kilroy Jr on Samba Pa Ti who felt the full effects of a great day of successful racing with Paul Goodison on tactics. Ben Schwartz on Pisces with Chris Rast as tactician is now third. Tied in points with Schwartz, seated fourth and fifth respectively is Steve Howe’s Warpath and Alec Cutler’s Hedgehog.

The day started out with light, challenging and very shifty conditions. With the breeze at only 5-7 knots, every mark rounding meant that the NYYC Race Committee had to work just that much harder to keep up with the ever shifting wind. Japan’s Keisuke Suzuki with tactician Jesper Radich on Swing played the shifts just right enabling him to turn up the heat in Race One and establish a massive lead from the get-go. Suzuki lead, then extended throughout the race securing an almost 10-boat length advantage to win over second place finisher Schwartz on Pisces. Pozzi was third.


photo credit: Joy Dunigan


Kilroy claimed an event milestone as his team currently is the first challenger at Worlds to carry three bullets in their scoreline. With Goodison on tactics, Kilroy came on strong and focused in the second and third race of the day taking both wins, landing him an impressive second place overall, up from yesterday’s eighth position.

Pozzi had a great first two races, which ultimately helped him sustain the lead, finishing third and second. Roberto Tomasini Grinover on Robertissima had a nice day to take third in Race 2. Finally, Jason Carroll’s Argo Team looked to be back on track as they finished second in Race 6 of the championship, followed by Howe in third


Top 10 after day 3:

1 Andre Pozzi/Gabriele Benussi, Bombarda; 1-6-9-3-2-[26] = 21

2 John Kilroy/Paul Goodison, Samba Pa Ti; [20]-8-1-12-1-1 = 23

3 Benjamin Schwartz/Chris Rast, Pisces; 4-1-[19]-2-4-13 = 24

4 Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath; 2-[15]-4-7-8-3 = 24

5 Alec Cutler/Richard Clarke, Hedgehog; 5-[7]-2-4-7-6 = 24

6 William Douglass/Chris Larson, Goombay Smash; 3-3-12-[29]-9-9 = 36

7 Pieter Taselaar/Nick Thompson, Bliksem; 7-[16]-6-11-5-11 = 40

8 Andy Lovell/Steve Benjamin, Rougarou; 14-5-[16]-13-6-4 = 42

9 Edoardo Lupi/Branko Brcin, Torpyone; 8-4-3-6-[22]-22 = 43

10 Roberto Tomasini Grinover/Vasco Vascotto, Robertissima; 6-[21]-5-20-3-14 = 48


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photo credit: Joy Dunigan M32 class



A host of photos from the event can be found online at

by Melges Media



Cutler’s ‘Hedgehog’ takes the lead



Melges 32 World Championships at New York Yacht Club, Newport RI, USA


photo credit: c Joy Dunigan

Day two of the 2012 Melges 32 World Championship, hosted by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) was a long day featuring one race and a new overnight leader – Bermuda’s Alec Cutler and tactician Richard Clarke aboard Hedgehog.

“We just wanted to get through the two windiest days in good position.” said Cutler. “Today was great, but it’s still a little too early to get excited about where we are at in the standings. We still a long way to go.”

Moving from fourth place overnight into the second position is Edoardo Lupi’s Torpyone with Branko Brcin on tactics and in third overall, Andrea Pozzi with Gabriele Benussi as tactician on Bombarda.

The day started with teams anticipating racing on the outside (offshore) again, but the Race Committee, due to very harsh conditions, relocated racing to the inside course (bay). When teams arrived they found 18-20+ knots of breeze and a steep chop. As the Race Committee worked hard to set the course, the breeze gradually built to a healthy 20+ for the first start of the day, which resulted in a general recall.

The breeze only increased further, prompting PRO Hank Stuart to send the fleet ashore while he and his NYYC Race Committee Team remained on station. At 12.30, Stuart reported a solid 27 knots with gusts to 33, clearly exceeding the IM32CA Rule racing maximum.

At 1400 hrs, the AP ashore was lowered and the fleet went racing again, in the same place as before but with more overcast skies and chop. The one and only race of the day, a course five with a bearing of 230 at 2.0 nm, kicked off a little after three o’clock, with Cutler, Steve Howe on Warpath, Lupi and John Kilroy’s Samba Pa Ti battling the entire race. Cutler took the early lead with Kilroy and Howe chasing for the lead but in the end, Kilroy took command at the final windward mark of the race and held on for the win. Cutler settled for second and Lupi finished a solid third.

“Our first place finish today proved that we are a strong team and that we can compete at a very high level.” commented Kilroy. “Yesterday was not a good day as we broke a spinnaker and we did a penalty turn which caused us to end with a 20th place finish. Our win today put us in the top ten, but we hope to not stop there. Sailing the Melges 32 in Newport, hosted by NYYC has been just fantastic.”

Cutler now possesses one of the few single digit score lines at the event thus far, moving into the lead by one point.












Photo credits: c Max Ranchi


Results after Day 2: (top 10, 3 races)

1 Alec Cutler/Richard Clarke, Hedgehog; 5-7-2 = 14pts
2 Edoardo Lupi/Branko Brcin, Torpyone; 8-4-3 = 15pts
3 Andre Pozzi/Gabriele Benussi, Bombarda; 1-6-9 = 16pts
4 William Douglass/Chris Larson, Goombay Smash; 3-3-12 = 18pts
5 Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath; 2-15-4 = 21pts
6 Benjamin Schwartz/Chris Rast, Pisces; 4-1-19 = 24pts
7 Vincenzo Onorato/Nathan Wilmot, Mascalzone Latino; 12-2-13 = 27pts
8 John Kilroy/Paul Goodison, Samba Pa Ti; 20-8-1 = 29pts
9 Pieter Taselaar/Nick Thompson, Bliksem; 7-16-6 = 29pts
10 Roberto Tomasini Grinover/Vasco Vascotto, Robertissima; 6-21-5 = 32pts


For full results visit:

By Joy Dunigan, International Melges 32 Association




Spectacular opening day places Schwartz’s ‘Pisces’ in overall lead



Melges 32 World Championships at New York Yacht Club, Newport RI – USA


Photo credit: c Joy Dunigan


Opening day at the 2012 Melges 32 World Championship, hosted by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) was nothing short of spectacular with NYYC member Benjamin Schwartz on Pisces securing the lead after two races. Schwartz, with tactician Chris Rast currently leads the championship by one point. Chasing hard in second place is defending champ William Douglass on Goombay Smash with Chris Larson on tactics, and in third is Andrea Pozzi with Gabriele Benussi as tactician aboard Bombarda.

With big seas and a steady 18-20 knots blowing throughout the day, Pozzi creamed the competition in the first race of the day leading from start to finish. “Leading the first race of the World Championship from start to finish is thrilling as I only started sailing just one year ago. The conditions were quite challenging – the hard choppy sea and strong wind, but my crew was more than perfect.” commented Pozzi. “We were very fast and with a sixth place finish in the second heat of the day, we have started this event in the very best way possible. I hope that the weather forecast will give us more days like this! Racing the Melges 32 is an absolute adrenaline rush.”

Steve Howe, with tactician Morgan Larson on Warpath came second and Douglass was third.











Race two proved to be equally exciting with Vincenzo Onorato’s Mascalzone Latino and Nathan Wilmot as tactician punched the second start hard. Onorato took the lead at the top mark with Schwartz in second and Douglass in third. The breeze built ever so slightly and the wave action increased for the final downwind run. Onorato poured on the speed, while Schwartz chased him down to take the win right at the finish line. “The European teams are super aggressive and these boats are so fast downwind,” said a simply elated Schwartz post racing. “We caught a couple of really great waves, the surfing was so incredible and once the boat lifted up and out of the water it was so much fun. This is such a great ride. Today proved that the passing lanes are really, really wide. It was just great.”

“The first time I sailed with Ben was in Ft. Lauderdale at the Gold Cup last December, and immediately I felt very comfortable and confident on the boat.” commented Rast. “Ben is a great helm, George ‘Bear’ Peet does an awesome job trimming and Marty (Kullman) pulls all the remaining pieces together. Everyone really knows what needs to be done in order to win and that there is no time to ever feel we are not in control. Which for me, as a tactician, it really sets me up in a nice spot. I can ask for things and it’s usually delivered. So, like on the last run today, we needed to go lower and slightly faster than the guys in front of us, which set us up perfectly to gybe on top of them and win. This team is delivering right now.”












Results after Day 1: (top ten, 2 races)

1.) Benjamin Schwartz/Chris Rast, Pisces; 4-1 = 5pts
2.) William Douglass/Chris Larson, Goombay Smash; 3-3 = 6pts
3.) Andre Pozzi/Gabriele Benussi, Bombarda; 1-6 = 7pts
4.) Edoardo Lupi/Branko Brcin, Torpyone; 8-4 = 12pts
5.) Alec Cutler/Richard Clarke, Hedgehog; 5-7 = 12pts
6.) Vincenzo Onorato/Nathan Wilmot, Mascalzone Latino; 12-2 = 14pts
7.) Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath; 2-15 = 17pts
8.) Andy Lovell/Steve Benjamin, Rougarou; 14-5 = 19pts
9.) Ryan DeVos/Ed Baird, Volpe; 13-9 = 22pts
10.) Pieter Taselaar/Nick Thompson, Bliksem; 7-16 – 23pts


For full results visit:

By International Melges 32 Class Association

Photo credits: c Max Ranchi


Mauricio Santa Cruz crowned champion on Bruschetta

Quantum Loop Solutions J/24 Worlds at Rochester YC, New York, USA



Mauricio Santa Cruz snatched the lead on day one of the Quantum Loop Solutions J/24 World Championship and never looked back. He is now the reigning J/24 World Champion. Sailing Bruschetta with trimmer Daniel Santiago, tactician Alex Saldanha, mastman Sergio Bittencourt and bowman Alfredo Rovere, Santa Cruz earned his fourth J/24 World title.

At the Rochester Yacht Club in New York, Bruschetta achieved a remarkably consistent performance of seven top-ten tallies, a 13 and 19 in the ten-race series (including one discard). The team stacked up a 42-point advantage heading into Friday’s final race and was able to stay ashore and let the others duke it out for the remaining podium spots among the 96-boat fleet.

American John Mollicone’s 11th Hour Racing gained momentum throughout the week and seized second place with 101 points, followed by fellow American Tony Parker’s Bangor Packet with 108 points. The 96 teams represented 12 countries—Argentina, Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Peru and the United States.

“The venue was very shifty, and the team worked hard to stay on top of them. We had good sails and good speed,” Santa Cruz summarized. The team raced on J/24 #2021 made in 1980, making it a 32-year-old hull. “We used an old boat, but the old and new boats are fairly equal. The mast, keel and rudder have a good shape so we knew we would be fine. Our team has sailed together for eight years, and that is a big help. The Race Committee did a great job. Managing 100 boats is not an easy task.” Hank Stuart served as PRO.


Overall Results: (top ten)

1 Mauricio Santa Cruz, BRA 58pts
2 John Mollicone, USA 101pts
3 Tony Parker, USA 108pts
4 Mike Ingham, USA 111pts
5 Matias Pereira, ARG 111pts
6 Nicolas Cubria, ARG 121pts
7 Rossi Milev, CAN 122pts
8 Frithjof Schade, GER 131pts
9 Peter Bream, USA 132pts
10 Luis Olcese, PER 147pts


For full results:

By Chris Howell



French prevail as wind abandons F18 Worlds



Globaltech Formula 18 Worlds at Long Beach, California, USA




France’s Olivier Backes and crew Matthieu Vandame figured they needed to sail only two of the last three races to pocket first place in the Globaltech Formula 18 World Championship.

Wrong, they needed only one as a light southwest breeze gasped its last against warm desert Santa Ana winds, a local autumn phenomenon, blowing offshore from the opposite direction, leaving the fleet of 118 Gold and Silver flight boats from 16 countries drifting helplessly in the event hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club.

The regatta was caught in the middle. The single race was delayed by over an hour as racers’ early starts and course changes required with shifting light winds of 3 – 7 knots. Later, as the stragglers crept in from the mile-square trapezoid course, principal race officer Mark Townsend debated for an hour whether to continue.

At one point he even studied smoke from the oil refinery fire west of Long Beach for clues to what the wind might do. Then at 1530hrs he called it a regatta, and Backes and Vandame’s coach, Alex Udin, jumped aboard their cat to provide the winners with a champagne shower.

As far as the championship was concerned, ending two short of the 15 scheduled races made no difference. Backes/Vandame finished 15th in Saturday’s only race, but none of their challengers finished better than sixth, not nearly enough to threaten their lead, especially with a second throwout to play.

Even with the subdued climax, Olivier said the victory was better than his first win of the F18 Worlds two years ago in France.

“The first time I won there was a big fight for the win at the end with three boats,” he said. “This was much better.”

Olivier had another crew in 2010, so this was Vandame’s first F18 Worlds title. “I’m really happy,” he said.

So was Karel Begemann, crew for Oscar Zeekant on the runner-up boat from The Netherlands.

“We didn’t really come here to win,” Begemann said. “We just hoped to be in the top five.”

In fact, Dutch boats seized four of the top six places overall.

It was the first F18 Worlds in the USA. The top American boat finished 10th, sailed by Michael Easton and Tripp Burd of the New England Nacra Sailing Association (NENSA).


Full results can be found here.


By Rich Roberts, photos and video supplied by c Christophe Favreau




Paschalidis and Trigonis take title for second year


Tornado World Championships at Circolo Vela in Lake Garda, Italy



The final day of the 2012 Tornado World Championships saw some awkward racing in light and fluky winds. Many of the sailors had their discard race and places changed dramatically.

Showing consistent form and skill throughout the championship it was the Greek team of Iordanis Paschalidis and Kostas Trigonis who came out on top with 6 victories from 8 races.

Roland and Nahid Gaebler took the mixed crew crown and came second overall with a 3rd place in the last race. In third place overall were Matteo Ferraglia and Lorenzo Bianchini who came 13th in the last race. They’ve been using the Tornado Class charter boat for this event and are sure to come back and join in for more racing.

Nikos Mavros and Alexander Tagaropoulos took the bullet for the last race and finished up fourth overall closely followed by Brett Burvill and Ryan Duffield in 5th place.

Competition wasn’t just at the top with individual battles throughout the fleet and close racing for everyone. Another great event for the class and even better to see new teams coming along and enjoying the racing.

Thank you to Circolo Vela Torbole for another well hosted event.

The 2013 Tornado World Championships will be held in Ibiza.




Overall Results: (top three)

1. Iordanis Paschalidis, Konstantinos Trigkonis
2. Roland Gaebler, Nahid Gaebler
3. Matteo Ferraglia, Lorenzo Bianchini

Mixed Teams (top three)
1. Roland Gaebler, Nahid Gaebler
2. Dieter Maurer, Maren Odefey
3. Jentsch Jürgen, Steimer Klees Sarah

Full Final results can be found here

By Andrew Dowley





Bravo Azzurra!



Audi Azzurra Sailing Team win 52 Super Series


(c) Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series

At the end Audi Azzurra Sailing Team glided serenely across the finish line of the one final race of the season in a gentle sea breeze and perfect September sunshine off Valencia to secure the overall 52 Super Series title.

When they started Race 8 of the Audi Valencia Cup, all that the team which races under the flag of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda had to do was simply cross that last finish line in any place to ensure the season-long title was theirs.

In so doing they also won the Audi Valencia Cup, counting five first places, a second, third and fifth. Their only regatta win of the four this season, Barcelona, Sardinia, Palma and Valencia, was achieved by a margin of seven points ahead of Jochen Schuemann’s Audi Sailing Team powered by All4One.

Niklas Zennström, the newly elected president of the TP52 class, steered Rán to a win this final contest of the season. With Quantum Racing finishing third, that was enough to give Zennström’s crew third step on the Audi Valencia Cup podium, and also third overall for the season.

The celebrations may have started early for the Audi Azzurra Sailing Team, having virtually wrapped up the title yesterday, but after seven years of trying the emotions and jubilation overflowed on the dock in front of the emblematic Veles e Vents building.

We are very proud.” Grinned tactician Vasco Vascotto, “ It was a huge challenge, the standard is so high and so we are happy for the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, for the Roemmers family (boat owners), for everybody involved it is such an important result.”

“But we need to start working tomorrow again, because I am sure that next year it will be harder and the teams will be ready to beat us. This is still a sport and so we have to always think not only how we won this year, but also how we lost in the past.” 

Simon Fry, the British trimmer on board the winning Audi Azzurra Sailing team summarised:

“I think the team has really endorsed the ‘leave nothing to chance’ philosophy. I think we have just been a little more diligent. I think the boat preparation has been excellent. And I think that on top of that we had the human element of a really, really steely focus. It was ‘the time has come, we have to deliver’. We have had the hardware in the past and failed to deliver. So there was a bit of personal pressure on, and a bit of peer pressure, this was the year we had to deliver.” 

For Quantum Racing, the American flagged team which won the class title in 2008 and 20011, letting the 52 Super Series slip from their grasp at the last regatta is a bitter pill to swallow, but skipper Ed Baird stated they will learn from the experience:

“ Every race is a practice race for the next one. You have to learn from every mistake you have made and add it to your bank of knowledge for the next. And we certainly have learned a lot this week.”

The 52 Super Series concluded its inaugural season with three different boats winning regattas, Quantum Racing, Rán and Audi Azzurra Sailing Team. The programme for next season’s 52 Super Series is already in place, starting in January in Key West.


Audi Valencia Cup 

1 Audi Azzurra Sailing Team 15pts

2 Audi Sailing Team powered by All4One 22pts

3 Rán 25pts

4 Quantum Racing 26pts

5 Gladiator 32pts


52 Super Series final results

1 Audi Azzurra Sailing Team ITA 74.5pts

2 Quantum Racing  USA 79.5pts

3 Rán Racing  SWE 94.5pts

4 Gladiator GBR 125pts

5 Audi Sailing Team powered by All4One GER 132.5 pts


More photos available at