Foiling Regattas

Another foiling catamaran circuit planned for 2016


FWC cat

Photo © Foiling World Cup



Foiling World Cup



Another foiling multihull series is planned for launch off in 2016 with some bold claims.

Close action, engrossing battles, slick commentary, short races, legendary skippers, wild rookies and all starting exactly on time. Sailed in innovative double trapeze foiling multihulls!

The Foiling World Cup plans short course racing, close to spectators and media in sailing arenas around the globe.

The events hope to breath fresh life into city lakes and port regions and create a festive atmosphere around the sailing arenas.


Foiling World Cup


The new full carbon formula foiling multihulls (20 footers) will have a ‘box rule’ to allow innovation and cost control. Every boat builder is welcome to join the race with his own design.

Events are planed in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East. One lap around the globe. The best male and female sailors in the world will be invited to compete,  open entry!

The circuit will have new racing rules written by the International Foilracing Association (IFA). These rules are specially designed for highspeed foiling and simular to land and ice sailing rules also influenced by F1 Motorsport.


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Flying Phantom Series opener at the Eurocat


Eurocat 2014 FP Class

Photo c Flying Phantom class


As each year on the first weekend in May, Carnac Yacht Club will be organizing the Eurocat, one of Europe’s biggest gatherings of racing catamarans. This year, it will also be the first event for the Flying Phantom catamarans: The Flying Phantom Series – Eurocat 2015. Fifteen Flying Phantoms will be taking part in this big event on their very own race course off the main beach and the Yacht Club in Carnac – France.

The races will be completely one-design, so the Flying Phantoms will be racing against each other on a course specifically prepared by the Race Directors. These courses will be laid out to offer a reaching start with a clearing mark in the middle, a leeward gate, a windward gate and a reaching finish after rounding the clearing buoy. Various combinations will be set up in order to vary the races, which are scheduled for Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd May.

On Saturday 2nd May, the fleet will compete in the Eurocat long distance race, which involves crossing Quiberon Bay and rounding the island of Houat. For this event, the Flying Phantom will line up alongside all the other catamarans competing in the Eurocat. Last year, Gurvan Bontemps and Benjamin Amiot shattered the Eurocat long distance race record improving on the previous time by 24 minutes by finishing after 2 hours, 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Many of the competitors this year will be aiming to establish a new record.

Some of the big names of French sailing will be present for this maiden event in the Flying Phantom Series, including Team Momentys: Franck Cammas – Antoine Joubert, Sébastien Rogue – Christophe Carbonnières, representatives of the Phantom Sailing Team: Billy Besson – Matthieu Vandame; Gurvan Bontemps – Benjamin Amiot, as well as crews from Germany, Switzerland, Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Flying Phantom fleet will be gathering the week before the event at the ENVSN (The French national sailing school) on the Quiberon Peninsula for two training sessions on the 24th to 25th and on the 28th to 29th April. This will be an opportunity for Flying Phantom owners to take advantage of the know-how acquired by the Phantom International team, in order to improve their technical knowledge of the boat and improve their performance, as they prepare for the Eurocat.


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Limbering up at Marseille Test Event


GC32s Marseilles class

Photos c GC32 Class



Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour



With new teams, new sailors, new race management and officials joining in the 2015 Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour, those involved will be taking part in a Test Event in Marseille, France over 20th-26th April.

The Test Event is hosted by Sirius Events, organisers of Marseille One Design, the last event of the 2014 season and which will again be the grand finale of the 2015 Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour. The city of Marseille generously hosts the GC32s as part of its build-up to being European Capital of Sport in 2017.

At present competitors on the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour have varying experience from old hands such as GC32 founder Laurent Lenne and his Team SPAX Solution along with Flavio Marazzi’s ARMIN STROM Sailing Team – who have both been racing their GC32s since 2013 – to brand new teams to the class like two time America’s Cup winner Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi and his sister Dona and Yann Guichard’s Spindrift racing.

To level the playing field, the Test Event, held out of Marseille’s Roucas Blanc Marina, will provide crews with much needed training time. The schedule includes four days (23rd-26th April) when teams will carry out practice starts, speed testing as well as some full blown racing. It will also be a test for the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour race management team including PROs Anne Mallédant-Vadré and David Campbell-James and Chief Umpire Miguel Allen.

Wednesday 22nd April will be a day ashore for everyone with some vital meetings and briefings. This will include a rules session run by David Campbell-James and GC32 Class Association Technical Director Christian Scherrer, plus the opportunity to meet the Tour’s new sponsor, Bullitt Group, the UK-based company, which designs, manufactures, markets and sells consumer electronic devices in partnership with global brands.

As GC32 catamarans are among the fastest boats on the water, safety is a paramount concern and there will also be a workshop examining safety procedures and best practice.


Alinghi c GC32 class


Among those taking part in the Test Event will be Sebastien Rogues, who has made the jump from Class 40 shorthanded offshore racing to foiling catamarans as skipper of GDF SUEZ. Rogues first competed in his GC32 at Marseille One Design last year:

“With Bertrand Castelnérac, Sébastien Col, Christophe Carbonnières and Julien Villion, we started training on our GDF SUEZ GC32 in February,” Rogues says of his program so far this year.

“With our coach Pierre-Alexis Ponsot, we have been working on our manoeuvres and looking deeply at the boat’s technical features. Since the GC32 is new for everyone, we put a lot of energy into optimising our ‘flying’. It has been really enjoyable, because we find we can easily sail at more than 30 knots, which is an incredible sensation!”

With regard to the Marseille Test Event to the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour, Rogues adds: “I took part in my very first GC32 event last year on this fabulous bay, so I am very much looking forward to returning to Marseille for the Test Event.”

Alinghi is the latest team to receive its GC32 from its builders, Premier Composite Technologies. Mainsheet trimmer Pierre-Yves Jorand commented: “GC32 sailing has been great so far – we have only had four days of sailing in 8-14 knots of wind, but the first foiling feeling has been huge!

“We are really excited to attend the Marseille Test Event next week because obviously we expect some good breeze so we can get in some nice downwind foiling and we will try to beat our speed record which currently stands at 29 knots. We are also thrilled to be part of this circuit. We are on a steep learning curve but are looking forward to learn great lessons.”

Spindrift racing will also be taking part, as skipper Yann Guichard explains:

“The GC32 Racing Tour has invited Spindrift racing to the Marseille warm-up. As we are currently waiting for delivery of the boat that we will use once the season officially starts in Austria in May, they have and have lent us a boat to sail for this occasion. So we’ll be performing our GC32 maiden voyage in Marseille.”

“The GC32 is not just any new boat, it’s one that flies, making it quite a challenge for the team. We’ll also be facing some of our future rivals in a format which is similar to the regattas we’ll sail over the course of the year.”

“We’re aware that some of these teams have already done plenty of training. It doesn’t take long to learn how to foil stably and in a straight line, but when racing it’s a different ball game. Races will be won and lost in the manoeuvre and the transition phases when you can lose a lot of ground. We’ll be taking things slowly, step by step, making sure we do everything correctly.

“I think back to when I started racing the AC45 class in the America’s Cup World Series in 2011, and I had to tame the wing. You always feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension when you discover a new way to sail and that’s how I feel now: It’s hugely motivating, both for me at the helm and for the rest of the team.”

On behalf of organisers Sirius Events, CEO Manfred Ramspacher welcomed the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour family back to Marseille: “Marseille’s Test Event is yet another confirmation of all the enthusiasm the city of Marseille has for the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour, which is a result of the initiative of the City Council’s Maritime Director, Didier Reault, and Sirius Events.

“Before Marseille One Design to be held over 30th September to 3rd October, the Test Event will allow us to fine tune our organisation, while the racing teams will be able to warm up for the five events to come this season around Europe, with Marseille being the grand finale. It will be a great pleasure to watch the GC32s racing again on the Rade de Marseille next week.”


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Alinghi joins the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour



Alinghi cats


After winning both the Vulcain Trophy for the D35s on Lake Geneva and the 2014 Extreme Sailing Series, Alinghi will compete in the 2015 Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour. The team will also again race on Lake Geneva on the D35 circuit.

Alinghi is also delighted to announce a number of new official partnerships with some of the very best Swiss companies and brands, including SWISS airlines, HYT Watches, Planzer and MarinePool, while it is similarly delighted to confirm the renewal of its partnership with the Manotel Hotel Group.

Alinghi, created by Ernesto Bertarelli, won the America’s Cup in 2003 in Auckland representing the Société Nautique de Genève. In doing so, it set a double precedent in the history of the world’s oldest sports’ trophy: victory on its first attempt; and the first team to bring the ‘Auld Mug’ back to Europe since the first competition in 1851.

On behalf of the Société Nautique de Genève, Alinghi then organised the 2007 America’s Cup in Valencia in which Alinghi successfully defended its title in an epic battle on the water against Emirates Team New Zealand.

Despite Alinghi’s many successes in monohull racing including the Maxi One Design, Farr 40, 12mJI, Corel 45, ACC, etc Ernesto Bertarelli has also been actively racing multihulls for more than 20 years. So for this year, he is joining the ‘foiling adventure’ signing up for the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour.

Ernesto Bertarelli comments: “I have been enormously privileged to sail with some of my crew for more than 20 years. During the course of our adventures, our passion for the sport and for cutting-edge technology has been undimmed. It is therefore only natural that we would be eager to be involved with this evolution of our sport. Sailing in three dimensions will of course be a new challenge for all of us, but it is an exciting one and the opportunity to learn and then master a new type of boat is one that we couldn’t miss. The GC32, as with the D35 and the X40, is a strict one-design class. That’s very important to me, because it means that the racing is not about the equipment we use, but about how the crew works together on the water. It is true competition.”


The Alinghi 2015 GC32 crew will be: Ernesto Bertarelli (Helm), sharing the duties with Morgan Larson, who led Alinghi to the victory in the Extreme Sailing Series in 2014, Nicolas Charbonnier (Tactician), Pierre-Yves Jorand (Mainsail), Nils Frei (Trim) and Yves Detrey (Bow).

The same crew will compete on the Decision 35 circuit, albeit with the addition of Coraline Jonet (Trim), who will bring her many talents to the team of six that sail the D35.

Alinghi’s participation on the circuit is a great endorsement for the new foiling catamaran class. As GC32 Class Association President Flavio Marazzi said: “On behalf of the GC32 ICA, I would like to welcome the only European America’s Cup Winner, Team Alinghi, to the GC32 family. Ernesto Bertarelli and his team have a two decade-long history in catamaran racing on Lake Geneva as well as on the 90ft catamaran they sailed in the 33rd America’s Cup in Valencia. I believe that all other GC32 teams will highly profit from witnessing their skill and level of preparation, pushing the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour to the next level.

“I always believed that this design has huge potentials to attract teams from right across the yacht racing world. With Alinghi’s arrival we have come closer to our goal of creating a class providing the highest level racing.

“Let’s be prepared for more top teams to enter the GC32 Tour soon.”

Dave Floyd, co-CEO of Bullitt Group commented: “It’s great news to see one of the best multihull teams in the world – Alinghi – join the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour. They are the current Extreme Sailing Series champions and I’m sure will make a formidable team in the GC32 Class.”


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Foiling Week 2015 unveils programme of events


FW Cat & Board mo

Photo c Martina Orsini / Foiling Week ™



Following the experience of the inaugural event, The Foiling Week is pleased to announce an improved programme concentrating all events in one location, held over five consecutive days. It starts Wednesday, July 1st and ends on Sunday, 5th.

The format provides for the Forums to be held in the morning and the on water activities mainly in the afternoon with a Foiling Expo available throughout the week.



Foiling Week tm 2015 – Schedule of Events


July 1st July 2nd July 3rd July 4th July 5th
AM Forum Opening Forum Forum Workshops Workshops
AM Speed Contest Speed Contest Speed Contest Foiling Expo Foiling Expo
AM Foiling Expo Foiling Expo Foiling Expo Speed Contest Speed Contest
PM Invitational Kitefoil Invitational Kitefoil Invitational Kitefoil Long Distance Endurance Race
PM One Design races One Design races One Design races Foiling Expo Foiling Expo
PM Speed Contest Speed Contest Speed Contest
PM Foiling Expo Foiling Expo Foiling Expo




On the water activities during the first three days will alternate between One Design races, an Invitational Kitefoil event and over the weekend, two long distance races:



Flying_PhantomPhoto c Flying Phantom Class


One Design Racing for the Flying Phantom and International Moth Class

One Design (OD) races for the Flying Phantom class, the French cat first on the market and therefore one of the most advanced, thanks to the experience gained since the launch in 2012 and the provision of the first boats to some of America’s Cup teams. The Flying Phantoms are now perfectly optimized and rigidly One Design. The Foiling Weektm 2015 is the third leg of the Flying Phantom Series 2015 circuit.

The International Moth class confirms its presence following the successful experience in 2014. The event is the Italian leg of the Moth EuroCup circuit where top-level athletes will compete in 7 acts on the best of Europe’s sailing venues. The Italian leg expects the presence of non-European sailors from the US and Australia.



Photo c Martina Orsini / Foiling Week


The Kitefoil Invitational Contest

The Kitefoil Invitational Contest, in cooperation with the International Kiteboarding Association, will be held in parallel with the One Design races during the first three days of the Foiling Weektm. Sailors will be selected directly by IKA taking the names from the international kitefoil ranking.

The International Kiteboarding Association president, Mirco Babini personally supports the presence of the Kitefoil at the Foiling Weektm 2015. He says: “it will be quite a challenge against all other flying boats who want to demonstrate their top performance.”



A weekend of long distance racing

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July, a long distance race will take place on a course of approximately 25 – 30 miles around Lake Garda taking in the world class venues of Malcesine – Campione – Torbole. The two races are open to any flying boat, it will be drafted by general ranking without compensation and, where possible, by group and class.

During the week several prototypes and some flying boats already on the market, will take turns on the water, including The Q2a of Quadrofoil and V20 of Vripack. These two boats are hydrofoil boats driven by electric motors, not by sails. In particular, the V20 is an electric / solar solution. It is possible to achieve very interesting speeds with minimum power and great economy of energy thanks to the efficiency of the hydrofoils.


TFW Speed Contest

During the 5 days of Foiling Weektm 2015, the flying boats out on the water, racing or not, will be ‘tracked’ by a GPS system that will measure, record navigation and record the “the best 10 second average speed”. Daily rankings will be drawn up of the best speeds and at the end of the week the fastest will be awarded with the TFW Speed Contest trophy won last year by Simone Vannucci from ASD Kitefoil.


On shore activities involves two distinct events


The TFW Forum

Following the success of the inaugural Foiling Weektm TFW Forum confirms a programme of highly advanced topics. The best designers, engineers and manufacturers will present to a selected audience, the strengths, the progress and guidelines for the future of what we like to call “the third mode of sailing”, foiling.


TFW Foiling Expo

In the boat park at Fraglia Vela Malcesine ground space has been made available to showcase boats, kites and products for foiling. Visitors will be able to try the boats and sample the products. During the Foiling Expo, prototypes and production boats, not involved in the regattas, will be visible on shore and on the water. Many crews taking part in long distance races on Saturday and Sunday will be on the water on the previous days to optimise the development of their boats and simultaneously participate in the TFW Speed Contest.

The Fraglia Vela Malcesine is co-organizer of the regattas and the host venue of the TFW Forum and the TFW Foiling Expo. In over 60 years of experience the FVM has established a significant presence in the sailing world.

It is located in Malcesine on Lake Garda where the wind blows more than 10 hours every day: the “Peler” from the north in the morning (with average wind speeds between 10 to 30 knots) and the “Ora” from the South in the afternoon (average 10 to 20 knots).

On the waters of Malcesine, many of the strongest sailors worldwide developed into Olympic medallists and world champions in numerous classes. Lake Garda has been host to a number of world championships due to the superiority of the sailing conditions and race organisation.


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Red Bull Foiling Generation chooses Flying Phantom


FP series2

Photos Samo Vidic / Red Bull content pool



The Flying Phantom catamaran has been chosen by Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher for the Red Bull Foiling Generation 2015. A global sailing series that kicks off in Japan in April. The global sailing series is open to talented sailors aged 16-20 who will be racing the Flying Phantom class catamarans in seven events in Japan, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and France.

The races will usher in a new sailing knockout format with four boats at the start of every race, each distinctly marked with a colour, either, red, yellow, blue or grey.

The top two teams automatically advance to the next round, while the losing pair get another shot at qualifying with a lucky loser round. The draw will be further reduced in the quarter-finals and the last four, with the winner in the final crowned national competition winner.


The winners of their respective national will be invited to the inaugural world final of the Red Bull Foiling Generation in 2016 to compete but not merely for glory and honour.

Right before every event, sailing heroes Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher will introduce the young sailors to the art of foiling and coach them on four brand-new Flying Phantoms.



FP series1


Red Bull Foiling Generation race calendar 2015

17 – 19 April – Wakayama / Japan
26 – 28 June – Weymouth / United Kingdom
10 – 12 July – Malcesine/ Italy
7 – 9 August – Malmö / Sweden
4 – 6 September – Aarhus / Denmark
25 – 27 September – St. Petersburg / Russia
19 – 21 October – TBA / France



Hydrofoiling Kiteboards go on Tour


FK Tour fleet


Hydrofoiling Kiteboards will be on display at the world’s premier sailing destinations beginning in March. The 2015 tour will be comprised of four stops including: La Ventana Mexico, San Francisco USA, Townsville Australia, and a European event to be announced shortly. The planet’s best

competitors will vie for the title of KiteFoil Gold Cup champion, a title won by Johnny Heineken on the inaugural tour in 2014.

Marking the second year of hydrofoiling proliferance, kiteboard racing has gained popularity with a variety of athletes. Sailboat racers, trick riders, and speed demons have gravitated toward this fleet due to its raw performance and good-natured competition.

With over seventy riders from nineteen countries, last year’s tour was highly contested as a different sailor won each of the three tour stops. Rapid development of equipment and athleticism have enabled these sailors to perform at speeds which rival the finest America’s Cup sailing yachts.


FK Tour jh


Californian sailor Joey Pasquali has been training against Oracle’s turbo foiling AC45 in San Francisco Bay and reports, “We’re (foilboards) a touch faster up the track and they’re (AC45 Turbo) a touch faster off the breeze.”

The 2015 KiteFoil Gold Cup tour will certainly be one to watch as these sailors push the envelope of performance on this modest platform.

The tour is run under the guidance of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and Technical Director Robbie Dean. IKA has partnered with Playa Central Beach Club, St. Francis Yacht Club, and Townsville Sailing Club to provide the backbone for each of the events.


Hydrofoiling Kiteboard numbers:
Top Speed: 42.8 knots
Upwind speed: 21 knots
Downwind Speed: 32 knots
Upwind VMG: 14 knots
Downwind VMG: 20 knots

Information regarding the KiteFoil Gold Cup tour can be found at





Pete Burling’s takes 2015 Moth Worlds title in style

2015 McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds. Sorrento - VIC AUSTRALIA  . 6/16 January 2015. Organize by Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club.

Pete Burling celebrates – All Photos © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co / 2015 Moth Worlds



McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds at Sorrento, Australia


Peter Burling (NZL), who turned 24 on January 1, leaves Sorrento tonight with the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship title, hosted by the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club (SSCBC) in Victoria.

“I‘m stoked,” was all Burling could get out, as he sprayed and was sprayed with champagne after stepping ashore at Sorrento just after 3.15pm local time today.

“Holy, that last race, I won it,” Burling said, with a grin from ear to ear. “The boat’s been going really well this week, no problems,” he said.

Burling attributed his nine race wins to, “You get on a winning roll and just keep going. Nathan (Outteridge) and I spent a lot of time working on our boats and nothing broke.

“All the time I have put in to this campaign paid off,” he said amid cheers and pats on the back from fellow Emirates Team New Zealand team mates, including his 49er crew Blair Tuke, who finished sixth overall.

“There are some great guys in this record fleet, I am absolutely stoked to win,” ended Burling who will have little time to celebrate. It is pack up time and then off to the ISAF Sailing World Cup in Miami for an Olympic class 49er event with Tuke. Then it’s back to America’s Cup duties.

On the final day, Burling finished sixth in Race 13, the first of the day on the windy and bumpy course on Port Phillip Bay. Initially delayed, racing did get underway on time at 1100am in 15-18 knots on a choppy sea. But competitors were brought ashore after it, while race officials reassessed conditions.

Chris Rashley (GBR) won the race, his second bullet of the Championship, followed by three Aussies: Josh McKnight, Rob Gough and Nathan Outteridge. Chris Rast (SUI) finished fifth.

Around half the Gold fleet headed out for Race 14 shortly after 1.45pm. In gusty 22 – 25 knot winds, Burling finished the Worlds in the style he started, with a bullet. Outteridge was second and Rashley third. Josh McKnight was sitting nicely in third until he crashed.


2015 McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds. Sorrento - VIC AUSTRALIA  . 6/16 January 2015. Organize by Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club.

Nathan Outteridge has to settle for 2nd – Photo © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co / 2015 Moth Worlds


Defending world champion, Outteridge, who finished second in 2013, started his campaign with two bullets, came up with two more and finished second overall. McKnight, Moth world champion in 2012 and third last year, finished third again this year. But the Championship belonged to Burling and Burling alone.

Nine wins from a possible 14 was extraordinary, especially considering the fragile nature of these boats in the big conditions which proved to be the undoing of Tom Slingsby (AUS), Scott Babbage (AUS) and Paul Goodison (GBR).

Outteridge is disappointed the full series was not completed and that conditions have been extreme. It’s happened at the last three Worlds. “In Hawaii and Hayling Island there was no wind, and here it’s been extreme at both ends,” said the 2012 49er Olympic gold medallist and Artemis Racing America’s Cup skipper who turns 29 at the end of the month.

“It’s also disappointing I didn’t have a chance to catch up to Pete. A bit of a shame we’ve been compromised by having such a big Gold fleet. If it was just the top 25 in Gold, it would have been easy to keep sailing today, as the calibre is so high, we would have handled it.

“It’s something for organisers to think about in future, because Moth events are getting bigger as the boat gets more popular. It’s hard to manage a fleet of 80 boats on one course. Even from a safety aspect.

“I am very happy with how I sailed. My worst result, discounting my timeout in that extra light fluky qualifying race, was fifth. To be able to post top five results throughout – you can’t knock that,” he said. “Pete (Burling) was impressive. Nine wins, he deserves the title. All the top guys have sailed well.”


2015 McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds. Sorrento - VIC AUSTRALIA  . 6/16 January 2015. Organize by Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club.

Josh McKnight holds on to 3rd – Photo © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co / 2015 Moth Worlds



Josh McKnight had enough in the bank to finish third overall, despite breaking his boom. “I had hoped to challenge Nathan for second place, but there’s nothing wrong with third. Look at it this way, I finished with guys who have America’s Cup contracts either side of me, and I’m a uni student who loves sailing a Moth,” he said.

Two British sailors, Chris Rashley and Chris Draper finished fourth and fifth. Draper was taken to hospital this afternoon after being stung in the leg by a stingray. We are awaiting an update.

Annalise Murphy (IRE), fourth placegetter in the Laser Radial at the 2012 Olympics, scored the best of the Women’s results with a 14th place in Race 13. But it was not enough to overcome 2011 Women’s Moth world champion and local sailor, Samantha England, who claimed her second Women’s Moth world title.

The Silver fleet did not race, so results stand as per yesterday.

“Andrew and I congratulate Peter Burling on his outstanding win,” co-sponsor Jono Morris said on behalf of McDougall and McConaghy, adding that Burling used all Mach 2 gear – boat, boom, foils, sails.

“It’s great to be part of something where we are the major supplier of the boats. It’s cutting edge technology and a platform for the top sailors. It’s where they want to be at the moment,” Morris, joint-managing director of McConaghy, which builds the Mach 2.

“It’s interesting to think that before the last America’s Cup, the sailors were getting into cat sailing. Now it’s foiling and the Moths. And it’s not just because they have to, they want to because they love it.

“Trying to settle on foil size has been interesting, they are still in development. That’s what Andrew McDougal (the Mach 2 designer) is good at and has spent a lot of time on,” Morris says.

A major attribute of the Mach 2 is the support that comes with the boats.

“So wherever there’s a big fleet of Mach 2’s, Andrew (or AMac as he is known) will be organising a ‘hospital’ for repairs on an as needs be basis.

“It’s been a good thing to do, for sure,” says Morris who added staff member Matt Heynes to McDougall’s Simon Owen-Smith for this event, aware the high numbers and high calibre fleet would mean more casualties.

“We’ve got such a good partnership with Andrew, so I’m here to see and get to know the guys sailing the boats. It’s been a very positive and beneficial experience from seeing the boats in action through to the quality of the guys sailing and their camaraderie,” Morris says.

So concludes the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship.

Full results, news, photos and video at:


By Di Pearson, McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds Media

Burling maintains control at the top

MW D5 nzl pb tm

Pete Burling in control – All Photos © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co / 2015 Moth Worlds



McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds at Sorrento, Australia



New Zealander Peter Burling continued his near-flawless run on Day 5 of the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship being hosted by the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club (SSCBC) in Victoria.

With one day remaining to finish the World’s off, Burling showed nerves of steel and control to score a second in Race 9 and then won the remaining three races sailed in shifty south-westerly winds on Port Philip Bay. Winds ranged from 15-20 knots with puffs over 25 in the last of the day.

Nathan Outteridge (AUS) won Race 9, then finished second, fifth and third for second place overall.

“I had a great first two races, I was neck-and-neck with Peter (Burling). In the third I had two swims upwind. One was because I had to duck a boat and finished fifth. You go from attacking to a defensive position just like that. Today was awesome though. Perfect conditions really,” Outteridge said.

Staying composed in Race 12, when the wind had freshened and gone further right, Outteridge moved back up for third. For those who did not punch into the right hander all was lost. Everyone quickly learns to keep their heads up all the time.

“There’s a heap of guys sailing well. I’ll be happy if I can just hold my boat together. A few big names fell down the rankings because of breakages today,” he said referring to the likes of Scott Babbage (AUS) and Paul Goodison (GBR).


MW D5 fleet tm

Nathan Outteridge struggles to hold onto his title  – Photo © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co / 2015 Moth Worlds



Outteridge was contemplating what tomorrow would bring. “Looks like it’ll be 10-20 from the north-west. That means big waves. Anything could happen,” he said, keeping Burling at the forefront of his mind, as is everyone else at the top end of the Championship.

“I’m leaving now, going for an early dinner and a long sleep ready for tomorrow,” he ended.

The 2012 world champion, Josh McKnight (AUS) maintained the status quo with another good day. He scored 3-3-2-4 results for third place overall.

“I always want to do better, to win a race. I nearly had the third race, but Peter Burling just slipped inside me. I guess I had a pretty solid day,” McKnight said.

Of tomorrow and whether Burling could be beaten, “McKnight said: “Any of us could bust stuff. Peter Burling can still be beaten. As long as I finish around him and Nathan I’ll be happy,” he said.

Just below the top three, Chris Rashley and fellow Brit, Chris Draper have been thrashing it out. The pair has stayed inside the top five consistently and with just two points separating them, they are in fourth and fifth overall respectively.



Josh McKnight consistent in 3rd – Photo © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co / 2015 Moth Worlds



Tom Slingsby (AUS) was looking in top form, with unbelievable upwind speed, but did not finish Race 9 and was scored UFD in Race 10, for being inside the start area with a minute to go prior to the start.

Babbage was third overall coming into the day. Sailing fast downwind out towards the start area, the Australian said: “A puff hit me and I ran into a moored Couta boat and did some major damage. If I make it out to the course at all, it probably will only be for the last race.”

However, he was able to make the third and four races, but had dropped out of contention down to 17th place after finishing 15th and 10th in Races 11 and 12, unable to recover properly.

Paul Goodison (GBR) the 2008 Laser Olympic gold medallist also broke gear which meant he did not finish Race 9 and was unable to start Race 10, dropping well down to 30th.

In the Silver fleet, with 11 races put to bed, three Swiss men are at the top of the board. Adriano Petrino (170 points), Philippe Schiller (198) and Fabio Mueller (203).

PRO Garry Hosie plans to end the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship with four races starting from 1100 hours tomorrow, which will decide the new world champion.


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By Di Pearson



Emirates Team NZ gets in shape at the 2015 Moth Worlds



Glenn Ashby – All Photos © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co / 2015 Moth Worlds



McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds at Sorrento, Australia



Some of the biggest names in America’s Cup sailing are here at the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds, honing their skills, team bonding and generally coming to grips with the exciting foiling Moth. America’s Cup team Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) is no exception.

Dean Barker, Ray Davies, Glenn Ashby are experienced AC team members. The 2012 Olympic 49er silver medallists Peter Burling and Blair Tuke were added to the Team this time last year, their talent and flare an obvious asset, highlighted by Burling leading these Worlds by a large margin heading into tomorrow’s racing.

“We’re sailing against our crew mates from other classes, Olympic team mates and mates in the other America’s Cup Syndicates (Oracle Team USA, Artemis Racing and Luna Rossa),” Ashby, a sailmaker points out.

“It’s every man for himself, but once we’re ashore there’s lots of friendly banter and laughter,” says wing trimmer Ashby, who was head coach with Oracle’s 90ft trimaran for their 33rd America’s Cup win.


Pete Burling by Thierry Martinez

Pete Burling leads the regatta with two days to go – Photo © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co



The Victorian-based sailor has more multihull world, national and state titles as a skipper than you can count on your fingers and toes. And he is a Tornado Olympic silver medallist from the 2000 Games with skipper Darren Bundock.

The whole idea of being at the McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds, Ashby says, “came from us (ETNZ) doing the A-Class Worlds last year in Takapuna, New Zealand, where Ashby won his eighth consecutive A-Class world title. Notably, Tuke and Burling were second and third respectively. Ray Davies was fifth. All were sailing foiling A-Cats.

“It’s good for team bonding, morale and developing as a group. It helps us technically too. The Moth is a step up. It’s a very technical boat,” Ashby says.

Explaining the principle of foiling in simple terms, Ashby says, “It’s like a plane, which needs air under its wings to lift off. With the Moth, it’s water flow that gets us up and foiling.”

The 37 year-old says the entire ETNZ team sails various classes. “You definitely have to sail as much as you can, because the America’s Cup game has changed vastly over the last two Cups. The Moth goes hand-in-hand with the America’s Cup.


MW TNZ Blair Tuke

Blair Tuke – Photo © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co


While guys like Davies, Barker and Ashby are the experience of their AC team, Ashby says it’s great to have the young blood of Burling and Tuke.

“It’s fantastic having the young 49er guys (Burling is 23 and Tuke 25). We’re the experience and they bring a new perspective, dynamics, new skills and passion,” says Ashby, who has his team members and their families staying at his and his extended family’s homes. “The plan is to fast track to our experience level.”

On Oracle Team USA beating them in one of the biggest sporting comebacks of all time, when down 1-8 to ETNZ and winning eight races on the trot, Ashby said: “I don’t think we’ll ever get over it, but time heals.”

What brought them undone to an extent were the lay days. “We were in full maintenance mode during the lay days. They learned to sail their boat faster in that time. We didn’t get any worse, they just got better. They did a fantastic job. Every delay seemed to play into their hands. We nearly had it, until a race we were leading to win was abandoned that day.

“Losing was brutal and the people of New Zealand were brutal. When they love you and what you are doing, they really love you. But when things go wrong, well, they are brutal.

“But it’s still the best sailing I’ve ever done in my life. It was an amazing journey. We set the bar early on and kept it going. Not being able to finish it off was soul destroying,” Ashby openly admits.

“I take my hat off to the designers and engineers on both teams. They were impressive.”

Ashby says they are now looking forward to the next Cup. “Dalts (Grant Dalton) is still running the show. He’s a good leader and operator in every respect. He’s the guy who has to make the hard decisions, and he does because he is so passionate about the sport”.

So here they are at the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship and doing well. Burling is leading by 11 points with two days of racing left. Tuke is 13th, Ashby 15th, Davies 21st and Barker 29th.

“I hope I can move up the standings a bit. My boat got smashed into in one race, which left me out of the next. We’ll see…,” Ashby ends.

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By Di Pearson